Atlantic Masters Swimming Club, Galway

Atlantic Masters are an enthusiastic group of sea swimmers based in Galway on the charmingly rugged west coast of Ireland, who make the most of the Atlantic all year round. Atlantic Masters S.C [A.M.] are an affiliated Swim Ireland club.

We are a group of competent swimmers, who enjoy open water swimming and encouraging others to join this mad sport.  Members encourage each other to compete in the many open-water swims, nationally and internationally, during the outdoor swimming season. 

The emphasis is on improvement as swimmers, be that 500 metres or 5000 while enjoying the crazy company of like minded people.

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06:5120:19 IST
Feels like: 14°C
Wind: 32km/h WSW
Humidity: 75%
Pressure: 1012.19mbar
UV index: 4

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