Lynches Pier / Paradise Pier

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Spiritual Home of Atlantic Masters, some of the earliest swim training was conducted off Lynches pier. Pier dies out at low tide so if you want to experience Paradise Pier, best be +/- 2 hours of high tide.

The traditional swim route is follow the coastline on your right as you leave Lynches Pier and head East towards Tracht. Keeping about 100-150 metres from shore is the best way to avoid little pockets of sea weed that lie along the swim path.

Lynches Pier is not a lifeguarded swim location at any time of the year, however lifeguards are stationed on Tracht Beach during the summer months. Following the coastline there are no crazy or dangerous currents to be aware of. If swimming North, away from land ( which is never recommended), North of Lynches Pier is the Dorus Strait which experences large tidal flows as water flow into and out of Kinvara on high and low tides. Swim along the coastline and its not a concern!

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