Code of Conduct

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Become members of Atlantic Masters Swimming Club and renew your membership on an annual basis.
  • No Club can operate successfully and safely without the help of volunteers; each member are requested to volunteer to help out and participate with the various events organised by the Club.
  • Be available for specified duties if and when required; some duties are mandatory and some will be at the request of the Club.
  • Promote that participation in sport for members is fun, safe, fair and in the Spirit of Sport.
  • Where appointed to a role or duty you should not be under the influence of any banned substance or alcohol whilst involved in any Club/Region/Swim Ireland activities.
  • Be a positive role model by maintaining the highest standards of personal conduct and respectful behaviour in any activity related to the Club or Swim Ireland.
  • Have an awareness of and respect Officers, Committee Members, and Coaches in their roles in this Club.
  • Provide the Club Secretary with emergency contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Understand the complaints and disciplinary process; follow the proper procedure if you feel unjustly treated and that any complaint/disciplinary matter will be dealt with effectively and confidentially.
  • Set your own goals rather than winning being the main objective.
  • Arrange an appropriate time and place for discussing any matter with Officers and Coaches; communication should not take place whilst Officers and Coaches are in a position of supervision.
  • Abide by the Club’s code of conduct and support the Sport Ireland Spirit of Sport.
  • Be aware and abide by the Rules & Constitution of Swim Ireland and the Rules & Constitution of Atlantic Masters Swimming Club.