Two members of the AMSC crew took part in Hit The Wall 2022, an annual camp featuring several challenging swims over a long weekend in Co. Louth.  (Keith also appeared for support.)
Swimmers of many abilities take part in the event, with most opting for the 7.5k swim from O’Meath to Carlingford.

Fergal, Brian, Keith and Kevin (LMSC) left from Orantown after collecting some much-appreciated food prepared by Bernie.
On our way to Carlingford, we stopped for supplies.  But, even with four of us shopping, we forgot the basics (sugar, washing liquid, cooking oil,…).  Somehow, we’d have to make well enough without.  It’s great that we had some donated Lasagna to eat.  That went down a treat for all.  (Kevin never stopped eating!)

Fortunately, we had enough for elite swimmers Atilla and Matthias joined us later in the evening.

Our accommodations where located a short 5 minute walk from the main event location and could have slept 10.   (Albeit they’d have to be ten very close friends!)  Atilla found the two-seater sofa perfectly sized for his needs.


Friday started with Brian and Fergal having their own swim while there was a night swim later that evening (after 10pm) for folks to experience swimming in complete darkness.

The Battle of Carlingford was held on Saturday.  The swimmers registered and then piled into the van for the trip over to O’Meath for the start of the race.  (Keith walked to O’Meath to collect the van while the swimmers battled it out.

Brian noted that it was a great swim down the channel with a favourable wind and a nice push from the outgoing tide.
In fact, it was so enjoyable that Fergal was daydreaming (admiring the scenery and looking at sheep on the mountains) and didn’t notice that Kevin passed him by!