For my 40th Birthday last Bay-Day I gifted myself a mini reflection on my journey to Galway Bay Swim 2018.

What started out as a keepsake to have documenting my training and footage from the day itself, quickly turned into Sam Krohn’s wonderful memoir, documenting my relationship with the open water.

In 2018, the year of The Lions Maine, the Sea became so much more than distance, time trials, speed (or lack of it ūüôā & high elbow! It quickly turned to friendships forged, strong club support and strong ties made through Atlantic Masters and the essence of spirit that is The Blackrock Community!

Although on the day itself of Bay Day 2018, the elation was enormous and the achievement of my relay participation with two fantastic mermaids, it was the months of water time leading up to it that was the real glory. Now in the build up to Galway Bay Swim 2019, and Time Trials at the end of the month, Savour this time and I wish you all the very best and I hope you enjoy You Me & The Sea.

Lots of Love

Baby Fiona