Summer Swim Series — Night 1

Tuesday the 4th of June saw the first of the AM Summer Swim Sessions kick off! These are not races but a way to get people together to swim and enjoy the sea! It being the wesht of Ireland we couldn’t have asked for more typical Wild Atlantic Way weather! Cold, wet, windy, choppy, blustery, wet, wavy, wild, wet! Basically it was fairly miserable. An evening for the fire (In June!!) and indoor comfort! However, if we in the west were to wait for decent weather conditions we’d never leave the house! Us sea swimmers are made of stronger stuff (and cake). So off we went!

The swimmers gathered at Lynches Pier, the spiritual home of AM! There were dry robes galore! Woolly hats and buataisí deasa! The elements weren’t going to bother us! There was almost a tangible giddiness as the swimmers readied themselves. Seasoned, calm and collected swimmers mixed with some nervous and anxious new sea swimmers all connected in anticipation of what the sea would have in store! Down the steps they went, “Jesus tis actually warm”…said someone in a wetsuit!  Newbies under the watchful eye of Annette, the more experienced swimmers plotting a course towards Traught. And they were off!

Tough conditions for the swimmers, but the meters were gained, the experience exhilarating and the tea and cake well earned! Smiles all round! And boy were there some delicious treats provided by The Serious Sea Monkeys Galway Bay relay team Sue, Mary and John. Huddled like penguins, mugs in hand (#bring your own#say no to plastic!) the chatting and chattering of teeth could be heard. All swimmers, skins, wetsuits, old members and new had great swims! But…the absolute star of the evening was… John’s Mammy’s chocolate biscuit cake!! Maybe it’ll make an appearance again!

Check out our calendar to see when and where the next summer swim is!