Hi all, as you know the club ran a Swim Analysis by swim coach Robert Mooney in Dec, and I was asked to give a brief overview of the analysis.
The analysis took up the full hour, was very well organised, with very little hanging around.
Robert took videos of us swimming back and forth from the side, above water, swimming towards and away from the  GoPro. Some videos were taken under water and some above water, and he also videoed us gliding. Doing this in a group was good, and according to Fergal, way better than ones he has done in the past in other places.
I knew I had a lot of technique issues, but was not sure what I specifically needed to correct. Here are a few of the things that I learned;
  • Hand entry all wrong and dropping right elbow
  • Leg kick all wrong – causing my legs to sink.
  • Over-rotating shoulders (I always thought I was under-rotating!) .
I had a lot to learn, and I found it great. Of course, this won’t be the same for everyone, but I felt it was very worthwhile.
Author: Colin
Below are some extracts from my report that give an idea of the level of detail Robert goes into. I think there are a few places left for the Jan session if interested.