We know that you can complete a different type of workout in the pool versus the sea.  Having the ability to drill and complete other work to practice elements of your swimming without also having to limit your exposure to cold.  But, there is one annoying fact about pools, they are only so long.  You swim to the end and have to turn around, right?  And, whether you realize it or not, every turn is a mini rest in two ways.  First, you have the time you’re not swimming because you’re holding on the the side of the pool (possibly gasping).  Second, you have the 2-3 meters you gain with your push off the wall.  Having an opportunity to swim in a longer pool not only does allows you to swim further between these rests, but gives you a little more experience swimming between breaks.

Swim with us in the 50m pool at the University of Limerick!  Our password-protected link to sign up can be found within our store.

And, you get to show those folks who do flip turns just how much quicker a flip turn is while swimming.  (Or do you?)

You now have the challenge.  Do you accept?