At midnight last Friday three members of Atlantic Masters, Helen Colfer, Annette Cullen & Fergal Madden embarked on an epic journey to swim a relay across the English Channel from Dover to France. A special mention must also be given to two other members of the club, Gemma Garvey & George Curley, who looked after, encouraged and supported them between swims.
Last year the trio were bitterly disappointed and frustrated as they waited in Dover for over a week to make the crossing. The bad weather was relentless and the five members of A.M. returned home.
However this year conditions were excellent and the trio got the window that they were looking for.
Spirits were high as they took their turns swimming through the night and into Saturday. The crossing took them just over 13 hours until they reached France.
The three members trained throughout the year, often on their own which sometimes can be lonely especially during the winter months. Coaches and mentors from within the club trained, assisted and supported them in the lead up to the crossing. This is what A.M. is about, supporting one another and making dreams become realities.
We as a club are extremely proud of all of our swimmers, however this time we ask Helen, Annette and Fergal to take a bow and enjoy their well-deserved accomplishment.