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A List of My Favorite…Drills? (1 of 2)

I’ve been asked a lot about drills lately.  So, as it’s the season, I thought it’d be good to provide you with some information about my favorite drills and why I do them. To start, [...]

Breathing Gives You Options

I’ve been asked about breathing while swimming freestyle.  Generically, the query was related to how often to breathe, techniques for breathing, and any drills related to breathing to help swimming.  In short, the answer is, [...]

That Sinking Feeling – Part Two

In part one, I started discussing sinking legs.  The reasons I noted were: Muscle density / Floating Position Head position Core (abdominal or dorsal muscle action) Kicking technique Ankle position / flexibility Arm action at [...]

That Sinking Feeling – Part One

Winter usually is a good time to focus on technique and strength drills.  To do drills, you have to have an opportunity to swim slowly and focus on how your actions and the water impact [...]

Swimmers’ Corner – November 1st, 2020

In the times we live in, we are all looking for ways to continue to improve when we can only rely on limited resources to guide us.  To that end, it was suggested that I [...]

The Idiot’s Guide to Pool Speak

AMSC Education Officer Bridget Wing has written up a clear and comprehensive (and witty) guide to understanding the terminology, acronyms, synonyms and other arcana associated with pool training. The intention of this is to help [...]

Thank you GBSC

Helen Colfer from Atlantic Masters Swimming Club was delighted to have the opportunity to thank Phyllis Hayes, Commodore from Galway Bay Sailing Club for their wonderful support of the inaugural Atlantic Lifeboat Swim that took [...]


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